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Re: The one cool thing about the Pope selection process

This made me giggle.

Regarding the "capture the moment while you live it" aspect-- every Sunday, I stick my little Sony Bloggie in my choir folder. I made a little stand for it out of paper and cardboard so it's pretty inconspicuous. I film myself singing every Sunday and have a huge Youtube playlist of choir anthems for anyone who happens to stumble into them. What's great is I can play it back and listen to how my choir sounds(albeit with more sopranos since I'm a soprano, but I can hear the harmony). I used to think I'm not very expressive when I sing, but seeing myself on video let me realize that I was wrong, I'm emoting without being aware of it.

There are times where I do look at the camera while I'm singing. It's my way to connect with whoever happens to watch the videos. Here's one where I giggle at myself because of the faces I make when I'm singing, but we're totally NAILING the song. (Mozart's "Ave Verum")
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