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Re: Brannon Braga on DS9

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I think network meddling can be a cover your ass move, but it can also be true. I don't think any of us know enough to say which is the case with Braga.
You're right, we don't. Then again, we don't need to. Braga was no newb when he signed onto Voyager and Enterprise, he knew the culture, conditions and constraints. He also re-upped many times. Rather than test boundaries or rock boats (as others had successfully done) he opted to play things safe. At every turn he sought to prove he was a "good company man" all the way.

If he had stood up at all back then he would be regarded differently now. But he didn't. We know this because he rose quickly and steadily through the ranks until he was in charge of "Voyager" and the fudge factory known as "Enterprise."

Now, as more time goes by, he just comes across as a guy trying to rewrite history.

My main passion is comic books and I can say with a high degree of confidence that corporate meddling is crippling a lot of the creative types at DC Comics right now.
Not surprising considering how hyper-"corporate" everything seems to have become. Then again that pressure has always been around. The customer for any good or service is the person or entity that is cutting the check. Who wouldn't want to have a say in what they're bankrolling?

Also not all corporate input is bad. Many of the most popular and endearing features of a series' have come about as a result of "network meddling" (read Solow & Justman's book "Inside Star Trek: The Real Story" for many examples). And as you probably already know, the history of comic books in America has always been a thing of publishers forever chasing the tail of profits by conforming their lines to meet public demand.

Given that Braga had a decent track record at TNG (Cause & Effect, Parallels, AGT), I'm willing to consider the possibility that meddling from execs at least played a role in lower quality stuff that he wrote. Does he still have some responsibility? Of course. But the Trek model looks frigging insane by today's standards (22-24 hour longs, every year, for 7 years) and a guy that has a decent number of good scripts to his name shouldn't have his butthole torn open constantly.
Which is less than what TOS had to deal with (26 fifty-minute episodes a season). Some programs had orders of 32 one-hour episodes per season. In the context of history and the bigger picture Braga really has no excuse other than he didn't care beyond that threshold in which a hack would care.

My opinion. And, of course, I appreciate and respect all the differing outlooks represented here. Salute.

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