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Have you ever had coconut ice cream? It's fabulous.
I won't rest now until I find some of this. I absolutely love coconut in just about anything. I once bought a bag of Coconut M&Ms and almost ate the whole thing in one night.
Coconut M n' M's were the stuff of legend here for a long time.. you could buy them on ebay from far away at exorbitant prices but I'd never actually seen them. And then one day they came back!! And me, who really hasn't got a sweet tooth, DID eat a whole bag of them.

If I started posting about my adventures with coconut and coconut flavour I'd go on forever.. I was drinking coconut iced tea all through the recent heat.

For coconut ice cream try good asian restaurants.

Also you can get GREAT asian deserts with coconut milk.. poured over crushed ice and fruit and beans and..

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