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Re: Brannon Braga on DS9

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My honest opinion: Brannon Braga [along with Rick Berman] ran the Star trek franchise into the ground through laziness, lack of vision and disdain for the franchises' fandom. I wouldn't take his "word" on anything and his opinions are without value. He is simply a scumbag who knows how to play the system.
Did he give you a swirly in high school or something?

Braga, like the devil, is a being you don't want to look in the eyes nor listen to his words of deception for fear of being warped and led astray. Berman & Braga know what to say and how to say it. One thing their tenure on Trek taught them was how to shmooze like politicians.

So to boil it all down: Braga is a putz - In my opinion. In fact this who post is just my opinion and should not be regarded as anything more than that.
No. It's a factless accusatory attack completely void of substance.

That shit don't fly around here. Try harder.
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