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Re: Brannon Braga on DS9

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I saw the interview. It's worth watching. You can believe what he says or not. But I agree with some of his statements... they should have held off on VOY, let DS9 run on its own. I guess the suits wanted VOY so they could launch UPN.
Braga, like the devil, is a being you don't want to look in the eyes nor listen to his words of deception for fear of being warped and led astray. Berman & Braga know what to say and how to say it. One thing their tenure on Trek taught them was how to shmooze like politicians.

Sure Braga was just an employee. Ultimately, he had to do what his bosses said, however, how he did it was up to him.

The folks on DS9 worked hard to put out a drama that pushed the envelope and challanged preconceptions. Somtimes they succeeded, sometimes they didn't. And even with that pushing and challanging they had to respect and adhere to some of Paramounts rules. They had to pick and choose their fights, as well as, pay various prices. The folks at DS9 are respected because they dared to strive for greatness within the strictures laid down by TPTB.

Braga was never so brave or bold. He was a cookie-cutter, paint-by-numbers hack who seemed to view himself as being above the material. He took the job-title and cashed the checks, he can't now throw up his hands and disavow or deflect responsibility for that which he served as producer or executive-producer/showrunner.

The other that gets me about Braga is when he throws out there how many hours of Star Trek programing he was responsible for. Newsflash: quality trumps quantity everytime. Pumping out 300 hours (or whatever the # be) of generally mediocre-at-best Star Trek is not something to brag about (especially, when the graph of audience viewership and satisfaction shows constant decline over the period of your tenure/stewardship).

So to boil it all down: Braga is a putz - In my opinion. In fact this who post is just my opinion and should not be regarded as anything more than that.

This sums up my feelings exactly. A savy writer and showrunner knows how to get arround the idiotic ideas or suggestions of of executives. The reality is that a BIG part of the problem was also Berman. Ira Behr himself has commented on the absurd arguments that he would get into with Berman over story concepts for DS9 (like Berman fighting him on whether Nog could lose a leg). Berman had no vision and was company man at heart. He did not really care what they put out as long as the execs were happy. Neither her nor Braga were all that interested in pushing the envelope. They were just interested in treading water...and that was what ultimately killed Prime Trek.
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