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Re: Bates Motel seemed like it's going 2 suck, & then it didn't.(Spoil

Well, grades are important.

It doesn't matter if those girls were offering sex or Friendship, it only matters how Norman "interprets" what they said/did, and what he feels is a justifiable punishment for the gap between what really happened and what he thought happened.

Norman looks like a school yard shooter. Even if it's subconscious, or just Darwinism in action, it's a relatively inexpensive defence offensive called "being nice and inclusive" which limits the number of whackjobs unloading their dads ak47 into the lunch-room because there's no one to revenge upon.

The future is now.

Or is it possible that their parents raised them right in a small time with no big city influences and they are nice kids like it was still the 1950s all over again? Like a less extreme version of the Village.
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