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Re: The one cool thing about the Pope selection process

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Read farmkid's post. Being stuck behind a camera worrying about how good a recording you're getting can definitely take you out of the experience.
I guarantee you the huge majority of people are not that worried about the quality of the picture and wouldn't take very good pics or video anyway(I also note your use of "stuck behind the camera" as bias rather than fact). Did you see people in the image looking at their cameras over their heads or what was happening...yup, you guessed it...but even if you look at an LCD screen you are usually getting an augmented view, even if you are relatively close, but is magnified if you are further.
I don't know what kind of top-end phone you're using, but I would scarcely call what typically shows up on a smartphone screen an "augmented" view. It's usually worse than what you can see with your own eyes, doubly so if the lighting is poor or you are zoomed in. The image becomes very "noisy" in a way your own vision does not.

Current CCDs are a lot better than they used to be, but they're still pretty craptacular in many ways. They're certainly no substitute for seeing something with your own eyes.

If you think using a phone at an event means the same thing as not being there and experiencing it then I simply feel sorry for you.
Actually, it does mean that, and he explained why.

As I've explained before a cell phone is an extension of human perception, doing things we can't biologically do, and no it doesn't make us a cyborg but it's getting there.
Digital devices are not "extensions of human perception," they are multipurpose tools. My phone doesn't help me see, read, taste, smell, or touch anything better than I can on my own. What it can do is give me access to information, and yes, take photos and videos of things happening around me. As any kind of substitute for actual perception, though, it falls far short.
This technology is a bridge, info technology is a tool but like books they expand human capabilities, increasing our "RAM" as it were, but computers and phones are even better..they extend perception and they store it, even make it more accurate. I posted some information on such conclusions here before.

Yes, phones can augment...if you are further away from an event, you can zoom. They do in fact (indisputably) have capabilities we don't...even if eyes are still superior overall. Eyes are still imperfect however.

I must have abilities you guys don't because I can easily experience events and still use my phone/camera. Great for me!
It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. Carl Sagan
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