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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

But by the time they killed Hal, we were glad to see him dead.

I read this short story by Larry Niven about this criminal on death row, and some one is describing the execution process about how they are going to remove his organs safely and cleanly and then donate then all to the community organ bank, and they're saying that he was such a horrible criminal that they may not want his heart and lungs on moral grounds, because normal decent people shouldn't have to carry his unforgivable sins, and the whole way through, he's saying "Why, why did I do it? I'm such a horrible person" and then people are spitting on him, and then by page 7 where the story ends, the hero of the story says "why did I ever think I could get away with driving drunk?"

The house of cards that was Hal Jordan in the nineties was built on rotten foundations.

And then there was that giant debacal where Reed Richards sued him for stealing his whited out side burns.

Zero Hour was a frakking mercy killing.
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