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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

This trailer is really action packed, but there's a Nolanesque vibe going through the whole thing and that's probably good. I bet there are theater goers saying "this is star trek"?

Did you ever think you'd see such a fully realized, solid, believable world like this in a Trek movie? Love the shot with Kirk looking out on the Klingon horizon.

This may be the first trek movie since I was kid that I only know half the story to. I guess that's what they wanted and it's probably a good thing too.

For the traditional Trek fundamentalists...yes it doesn't look like Trek, but what does that mean really? Its a different "regime" it SHOULD be different, I don't understand the fuss...if they had made it exactly like the old movie series, then they'd say it wasn't original.

Exploration: File under beating a dead horse. Most of the exploration was a sidebar to the real Trek stories and sometimes even that was within a parable, so exploration was not the central theme. The movies explored little...Sulu was doing scientific tests on Excelsior (but that wouldn't have excited people as a story), Genesis was explored by Reliant and Grissom (again not the central story), even V'Ger--as alien as it was--went to Earth. Every Trek movie but ONE had scenes on Earth.

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