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Re: My Voyager dream

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But he's in heat! And the holodecks are down!
And there we have every piece of Vulcan fanfic ever written.

Which might explain why its more popular than "actual" Vulcan fiction.

CHAKOTAY: Every culture has its demons. They embody the darkest emotions of its people. Giving them physical form in heroic literature is a way of exploring those feelings. The Vok'sha of Rakella Prime believe that hate is a beast which lives inside the stomach. Their greatest mythical hero is a man who ate stones for twenty three days to kill the beast and became a saint.
TUVOK: Such fables are necessary only in cultures which unduly emphasise emotional behaviour. I would point out there are no demons in Vulcan literature.
CHAKOTAY: That might account for its popularity.

Tuvok & Neelix.... so wrong.

Tvuok & Janeway?

I agree with you Teacake... that is just so wrong on so many levels!
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