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This is denser slightly and has an almost honey taste. More flavour all round.
I might like it. The thing I dislike so much about watermelon is the texture. It's always really bothered me, while I'm fond of other melons. It's boring, but cantaloupe is probably my favorite. Take a half, fill the pit with plain yogurt, and top with blueberries and it's pretty much a perfect lunch.
Other than being a bit denser (and this is over analysis) it's the same texture. Watermelon bores me and I rarely eat it, but I can't go past a fruit I've never had before. Next time I'm buying the white one.

I'm not much of a melon fan but I eat about 5 papayas a week (which are not melons, lol).
When I was in India I had papaya every day for breakfast. A month of fresh papayas, it was heavenly!

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