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According to Dean Wesley Smith (see quote under this paragraph from a SNW dicsussion I had with him and several authors a few years ago) they did loose money with these books every time, and I doubt that Pocket would even consider to re-establish a moneyloser in the curren economic climate.

“Anthologies never make enough money in publishing.” Dean explains. “Nature of the beast, but Pocket Books and Paramount wanted to fund this to get the new writers in, to keep the fans writing Trek, and it worked for ten wonderful years....
Sounds like what they call a loss leader, IIRC -- something that costs the company money, but supports/promotes other things that turn a profit. Which is appopriate, I guess, since that's the same kind of thinking that kept TOS on the air for three seasons -- the network lost money on the show, but its parent company RCA cleaned up from all the color TV sets people were buying to watch Star Trek on.
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