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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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Exactly. She may be sexy in the movie but the dick move that put her in the trailer in precisely that frame was sexist.

But, hey, this is Trek. Nothing new there.
I don't even think it's that bad (if at all) as a trailer shot. It's just sort of there and gone. Yeah, it's a bit of fan-service, but I don't think it was particular degrading or hurtful to the character.
That's because CM is not a character that's a bimbo-alternative anyway. We all know who Carol Marcus is and that she's far from being just decorative.

It's just the way it was done in the trailer. Hey, I don't mind because I've been around for a while (Trek). But all of my Sherlock/Benedict-fan girlfriends are throwing a fit left, right, and center right now.
Meh, just give 'em som Quinto/Cumberbatch slash-fic to hold them over till the movie drops.

All though...would the reaction be the same if Cumberbatch was shown topless wearing only his briefs? I'm thinking probably "no".
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