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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

Awesome trailer gives us more about the plot, a former confederation Star Trek Terrorist seeking revenge for something, I wonder what it was.

As for the millisecond shot of Alice Eve in her undies......

If your a guy who is not a Star Trek fan and you see this trailer, it is part of an overall variable of the mental conclusion drawn at the end, hmmm, this movie looks good, might have to go see it. Mission accomplished. For Star Trek fans that don't see this, remember this movie is trying to bring in as many people as possible, not just us.

And I find it utterly hilarious, for people to say Star Trek needs to grow out of it's eye candy shots. I always enjoyed them. It is part of Star Trek's cultural heritage as many posters have posted old pictures of, some newer ones too.
Sure it's a bit gratuitous in the trailer, but we all know that panders to a certain segment of the audience. And if anything it gets more people talking about the movie, if it is dominating our discussion, you can be sure it is in other conversations as well.
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