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Re: College: Gender Studies (Feminism Discussion)

Feminism is about the social, intellectual, sexual and financial equality of women. That's all it is. It has existed for centuries and will continue to exist until the problem is solved. The mistake that DN has made (as TheGodBen and a couple of others have pointed out) is equating contemporary fringe and extremist movements with real Feminism. We all know that in politics words don't mean the same things as in real life-- just because somebody calls herself (or himself) something doesn't mean it's true (after all, skinheads call themselves patriots, right?). And while it's true a lot of these extremist ideologies do make their way into academia, that doesn't change the fundamental principles of Humanism. I know that junxon and some others have become upset with what has been posted here, but I don't believe for a second that DN considers women to be inferior to men. I do think that he has been caught up in the ideological shoving match that has led to this age of extremism that we live in.

On another note, I find it strange that not a single person has called out the OP on being an admitted "misandrist" who is delighted to be in a college course with a bunch of "like-minded people." DN is correct in that it does go both ways.
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