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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Achilles, yet another Federation starship in the great, vast fleet.
B is for Battle of Wolf 359, making that fleet less great and less vast.
C is for Caution. Will Decker urged it before the Enterprise entered the V'Ger cloud. Kirk largely ignored him.
D is for Damage, the Enterprise episode in which Archer turns pirate.
E is for Establishment. Dr. Sevrin and his followers railed against it, no matter what planet is was located on.
F is for Farius Prime, home to the dregs of the galaxy.
G is for Gowron. Bug-eyed Klingon bastard.
H is for Hupyrian beetle snuff.
I is for Internet.
J is for Janus VI, homeworld of the Horta.
K is for Kira. Bajoran "freedom fighter" and liason to DS9. She whines about the Prophets alot.
L is for Ligonians.
M is for Mara, wife of Kang.
N is for Nomad.
O is for Odo's bucket.
P is for Portly Starfleet Captains.
Q is for Qap'la, the Klingon gesture wishing somebody ”success.”
R is for Romulan ale. Sounds like absynthe with blue food coloring. Yumm.
S is for Starbase. The first one was established at some point after 2155 and there were hundreds in existence by the late 24th century.
T is for Troi's Tits.
U is for Undershirts. Some Starfleet uniforms through history had them.
V is for Vulcan mind-meld.
W is for Wormhole Aliens. Creators of the mysterious Bajoran orbs that caused people to go trippy.
X is for Xindi plans to destroy Earth. Thankfully they were thwarted in the nick of time.
Y is for Yridians. Aliens whose faces resemble human scrota.
Z is for Zaldan manners. Basically, they didn't have any.
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