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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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Didn't want to start a new thread since these comments are about items in the new trailer that interested me.

1- The Star Fleet assassination scene looks a lot like a similar scene in GodFather III.

2 - The look of utter contempt in Carols eyes as she looks on at (presumably) Harrison as McCoy examines him. (1:36)

3 - At 1:42 Harrison is clearly sizing up the red shirts. His eyes are shifting just as the clip begins. I mean we know what's going to happen but BC's eyes are very telling.
Marcus must be lecturing him about something. Or venting.

I think Harrison is probably chuckling to himself as the redshirts escort him to the brig. He's only letting them do their job.

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It would've been a knee-jerk reaction.
Speaking of which, if their genitals are on the knee, where is their poop exit located?
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