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Paid subscription for scifi short films and serialized shows

This thread is a general thread for paid subscription to watch scifi shorts or possibly serialized stories.

It could be from mainstream services with an extra fee like a premium channel say from Netflix or Hulu Plus, Vimeo, YouTube, or Machinima.

For example Ridley Scott will produce scifi shorts for machinima

A recent Wall Street Journal article featuring an interview with YouTube VP Robert Kyncl has several insights about the site’s upcoming paid subscription feature, but the most interesting note in the article has nothing to do with Kyncl. A “person familiar with the initiative” has claimed that Ridley Scott‘s upcoming series of 12 sci-fi shorts on the Machinima network will be one of the first pay-to-view options on the site.

If true, the paid nature of Scott’s channel will be an interesting test of the viability of such a model on YouTube. Paid subscription video channels have rarely worked, and it’s tough to see how many people will utilize them on YouTube, where a bevy of free alternatives are always readily available. On the other hand, Scott’s content will be about as desirable as possible, with several big name directors (like Kathryn Bigelow and Martin Scorsese) rumored to be involved. If the sci-fi short films don’t sell, nothing will.

Paid channels are absolutely coming, if a line of code in the YouTube mobile app is to be believed, and Scott’s crown jewel will be a very informative experiment when it finally hits its monetized YouTube home.

So no no a big brand like Trek but smaller episodic scifi could takeoff with paid subscriptions. Sort of like a premium scifi cable channel. If they did a space opera with green screen like Blood & Chrome what would it cost to produce?

I would be willing to pay a subscription of $3./month to start for scifi shorts with a certain production value including shot on DSLR or HD large sensor cameras, sound design, 2.0 stereo sound mix .

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