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Re: Potentially HUGE spoilers, read at your own risk

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It's obviously a satire
So obviously a joke in fact, that the reactions here amused me.

"Why did the chicken cross the road!?"

"BULLSHIT! A chicken would never do that. Damn, I'm clever."
Most of the insults are about how bad it is. You can do that to jokes. Like how Carlos Mencia's jokes are all ripped off from other comedians and poorly done imitations as well.

I'd actually have more respect for the article itself if it was posted as a clear parody and not as OMG SPOILERS!!1!!!. My biggest problem is that it's trying to pass itself off as real, at least in this thread. I'm not familiar with the site, it could be an Onion type site. If so, it's like having to correct a friend on Facebook when they post an Onion article as if it is real because they don't know.
Yep. The OP and the source presented it as a real scoop, not a joke or satire. Thus, horseshit.
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