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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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I'm beginning to think all the people that that complain about the new movies and sexism and bad writing never watched TOS. I love TOS, it's my fav in the franchise, but let's be honest it was a product of its time. Even TNG forward was only slightly better; better but not leaps and bounds so.
Yup, there will probably always be sexy, half-naked women in Star Trek, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

As long as that's not the only way women are viewed in Trek (and it wasn't even on TOS), I don't see a problem at all with it.

So someone please tell me how these:

Are somehow better or any different than this:

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Well, from what little we know, Eve's character is a scientist, weapons expert and plays a key role in defeating Harrison. So I'd say she's far more than a beautiful face & body in this.
It's Christmas Jones all over again.
Or Seven Of Nine, T'Pol, or Jadzia.
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