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Re: NBC: Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno in 2014

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Bring back Conan. At any price.
I would agree, but only conditionally.

Conan would need to be free to produce the show that HE wants to produce. A big reason that the Tonight Show under Conan was a lame duck was that he and his writers (the EXACT SAME staff as the successful Late Night show) were handcuffed to some ridiculous standard of 11:35p needing to be tamer.

That makes no sense; after watching an hour of Law & Order where pimps are killing prostitutes and getting shot and whatnot, then watching the uber-depressing local news, why would the Tonight Show need to have tame jokes?

Conan is making the show he wants to make on TBS, 35 minutes earlier, and a hell of a lot funnier than anything he was allowed to do on the Tonight Show.

I'm with CoCo. His youtube channel is just a sampling of the hilarity he can do. I'd like to see Conan write/produce a TV show one day, because he's a truly gifted comedian.
Agree. Conan should get the Tonight Show back now, since Jay did then.
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