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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

24. Jack the Giant Slayer: C+
25. Oz the Great and Powerful: B+
26. Olympus Has Fallen: A-
27. The Lives of Others: B+ (German film)
28. The Croods: B+

Went to a sneak of this last night. It was better than I thought. The trailers had me thinking it was going to be much more stupid funny but was more Looney Tunes funny which I was able to appreciate more. The two girls ages 11&12 loved it and their mother also found it very cute that came with me. Not to mention the audience was very reactionary at the right times. I think this film may just find an audience and coming out as schools across the US stagger their Spring Breaks is sure to help.

The father Grugg, voiced by Nic Cage, even has a few flip out moments that you'd expect in a live action performance by Cage. And Guy(the boyfriend character) manages to have his shirt off about the whole time as you'd expect from a voiced by Ryan Reynolds character. Sidekick animal 'Belt' is sure to become a favorite.

I saw it in 3-D and while I'm no fan of the gimmick found they utilized it pretty well at a steady pace throughout the film.
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