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Re: Brannon Braga on DS9

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I do think people are a bit too harsh on Braga. He cowrote All Good Things, that alone should buy him some good will.
And it did. Braga enjoyed a huge resovoir of goodwill. Problem is he placed little value on it and thought nothing of drying it up through inferior works.

Did he overstay his welcome? Probably. But given the meddling that the network suits put into Voyager and ENT, it's hard to say if any writer could've spun those into gold.
I don't buy the "network meddling" bit - never have. It's played like a CYA trump card. No doubt networks meddle - they always have. Remember most every TV series you've ever loved has had to deal with those same forces. Claims of "network meddling" usually boil down to someone whining how they are responsible for all things people love about a show while the network is responsible for all that is bad or didn't work.
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