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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

daveyNY wrote: View Post
I like how they made her 'unmentionables' Science Dept. Blue.

oops... meant... ...

No wait!


I give up...
Hey, at least they're sticking to canon department colors. After all, from all the upskirts we got in toss of Uhura apparently department colors have matching underwear.

ROBE wrote: View Post
Strange Kirk's many topless scenes are not sexist?
I think the logic goes: he's a guy, so it don't count. But, yeah, it's a double standard.

I'm beginning to think all the people that that complain about the new movies and sexism and bad writing never watched TOS. I love TOS, it's my fav in the franchise, but let's be honest it was a product of its time. Even TNG forward was only slightly better; better but not leaps and bounds so.
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