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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

The fact that "II" is in the title is a clear indicator that it's at least acknowledging that it's the second movie. Whether this adds anything or not, I used to have a Leonard Maltin film guide where he reviewed, what seemed like, every movie in existence up to that point -- in this case, the one I had was from 1998. On his Star Trek II review, he mentions the film was released as "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan."

That's not true, is it? Was the "II" ever omitted at any point? I've seen the original trailers, posters, and TV spots and not once did I ever not see the "II" in there.

I wasn't born yet when the film was released, so.

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The thing that threw me was when Harry Morrow said
"Jim! The Enterprise is 20 Years old! We feel her day is over."
That line used to throw me too. Ron Moore even mentions that in his Star Trek III commentary where he says something like, "Yeah, but we just got that Enterprise!" Obviously, Morrow must be taking the TOS years into account also, but even so, as Decker says in TMP, "This is an almost totally *new* Enterprise..."

I must say, by the way, I love these types of conversations. True Trekkies in perfect form right here, guys. We can almost rationalize ANYTHING.
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