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Re: The one cool thing about the Pope selection process

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I actually don't think this is "cool." Experiencing life through your smartphone or iPad display is rather sad.
Ridiculous, humans can only experience moments and don't store them well, our brains don't work like that, it's great to have a way to experience it other than our inadequate storage capabilities and what's better, to share it in real time.
Watching an event on a monitor experiencing that event are two VERY different things. You can watch the same event dozens of times, but you can only EXPERIENCE it once.

If experiences and memories could be shared digitally it would be one thing; if your eyeglasses recorded everything you looked at for playback later, that would also be a thing. But witnessing an historical event through a four-inch LCD screen is not at all the same thing as physically being there, immersed in events, with all five senses active and engaged, with 360 degrees of freedom of movement and perception. It is the difference between playing a video game and training for combat; they are NOT the same thing.

Obviously you can experience an event and record it concurrently to think otherwise is pure silliness.
It's a well documented phenomenon since the INVENTION of the camera, that the perspective of the cameraman is often highly distorted by his having to experience a large part of the event through the viewfinder of his instrument. This phenomenon can be so overwhelming that a number of TV cameramen have been caught mindlessly recording events that under any normal circumstances they would be better off throwing down the camera and lending a hand; by necessity, the photographer tunes out his other senses and his normal mode of response in favor of operating the recording tool itself.

It's quite a different matter when the recording tools are automated, and that too is well documented. Many astronauts, for example, have been caught doing and saying really strange and unprofessional things on camera or in a transmission simply because they forgot that they were being recorded.
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