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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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OH...MY...GOD. There is a 3-D version of this isn't there? Alice Eve..naked...IN 3-D! I pity the poor theater ushers that night.

On topic: the trailer is awesome. I'm hoping Paramount buys some ad time on TV to promote the film both here in the US and internationally.

This film, based on this trailer, really has a chance to kick some ass.

Regarding Kahn or no Kahn - I agree with those that said it's looking more and more like that's our villian.

However, Cumberbatch isn't Indian and according to Trek canon [not that it matters I suppose] Kahn was from India and ruled 1/3 of the world. Ricardo M. could pass [apperance wise] as Indian but not Cumberbatch.
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