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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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Can someone post a review of #3? It's out and there's at least two websites that said they have a review of #3 out today. I can't access those sites while at work

Well, Sulu & Cupcake are held prisoners by the alien faction that's opposed to April. We learn that the Klingons have been helping them and supplying them with weapons.
Spock is off on his own to rescue the 2 without saying anything to Kirk. We learn that he hasn't really dealt with his grief and has been acting somewhat recklessly since Vulcan was destroyed.

April keeps insisting that Kirk helps him win the war but Kirk refuses & goes after Spock. They succeed in rescuing the prisoners and everyone returns to the Enterprise, along with April and Mudd (she's Harry's daughter).
April manages to get to the bridge and using some old backdoor codes takes command of the Enterprise and locks everyone out of the bridge and the computer.

And that's more or less what happens.

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