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Re: Jedi nerfed in TCW?

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How do you know that the Jedi with decades of training/experience generally fared any worse?
I know based on the filmed evidence: Mundi barely deflected a few bolts before falling. Secura tured around, acted clueless (as if waiting for a cue to fall...) and died without lifting a finger. Zett-- a mere child--presented the greater, more effective response than two Jedi with decades of training over the boy. Not consistent at all.

We didn't get to see most of the combat in the temple, which was attacked by thousands of troops according to the film. It's a question of overwhelming numbers. And outside the temple, we did happen to see several Jedi, one with decades of training/experience, another with centuries of training/experience, quote, "cut down a large company of clones like a hot knife through butter with no difficulties".
Again, a lack of consistency: adult Jedi are assumed to have reached the end of their training--a certain level of basic proficiency in using the Force, so there's no excuse for the clearly adult temple Jedi to fall like mannequins, while other adult Jedi...and a padawan had better results, despite the child eventually falling.

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All we have are fan excuses of Kenobi being tired after the fall/leap, which was never implied on screen.
We also have a fanmade Youtube clip expressing the point that if Obi-Wan had used Force Speed in that instance he could easily have gone right into the pit.
This is Star Wars, not a Three Stooges short. Jedi are displayed as having precise control over their physical actions, so the thought of Kenobi not being able to stop himself before reaching the pit is just silly. The failure to use Jedi speed was the result of a bad plot device that only added more fuel to the charges of inconsistency.
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