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season 2 cover art

i didn't see this on this thread. sorry if repost.
Season 2 carries on with the same background motif used in the first season set, this time in blue. All seven primary cast are shown in a publicity shot taken for the show's first season.
The original publicity shot that the art is taken from is shown below. The designers opted for the Season 1 cast publicity shot over the Season 2 variant (we've shown it below for comparison).
Star Trek: Enterprise Season 2 on Blu-ray cover art

also trailer from February. length 2:30
WATCH: Official Trailer for the First Season of ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ on Blu-ray

after seeing Trekcore's season 1 blu-ray review
I am really stoked about the "On the Set" documentary as a making of show specifically the episode "Vox Sola". 1 week of behind-the-scenes footage shot for this!
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