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Inside Secrets of the Making of STII:TWOK and "Space Seed"

first of all if you live near the Chicago area:
They're giving a talk today March 21 at 7 PM at the Vernon Hills Library in Vernon Hills, IL about this.

The Tenutos, who are professors at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL, are long-time Star Trek fans. But they were visiting University of Iowa for another reason, and discovered that Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer had donated his papers, including script drafts, memos and photographs, to the University's library. The Tenutos became obsessed with discovering the details of Wrath of Khan's genesis, including stuff they hadn't found in the official "making of" book. And then, they decided to visit Los Angeles and look at Gene Roddenberry's papers at UCLA, and the CBS/Paramount archives for similar info about the episode "Space Seed," Khan's debut.
In looking at both Khan stories, the Tenutos were motivated by Meyer's dictum that creativity thrives with limitations -- and they wanted to see how the limitations that both productions faced made them more creative.

click on the link if you want to know:
We spent about an hour on the phone with John Tenuto, and here's what we found out about both stories.
also some nice on the TWOK set photos.
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