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Re: NBC: Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno in 2014

It's sad and funny, that Leno thinks the NBC executives are now snakes. What did he expect? That they are okay screwing over others but would never do it to him? That's like a cheating husband who ends his marriage to be with his mistress, and then she is shocked to discover he is now cheating on her with someone else. When people are greedy, they don't care who it is that's getting screwed over. Some of the leadership might have changed, but a business culture doesn't change overnight.

I never much cared for Leno's boring show, I don't really watch Fallon either, though he does at least have a sense of humor. I used to like Letterman but he's too grumpy now. Jimmy Kimmel has always kind of annoyed me (and by the way he so does not look like a "Jimmy"!). So basically I'll just keep watching Conan every now and then. I actually like that it's on TBS because I get the east coast feed as well so I can watch it at 8 PM before I go to bed at 9:30 PM.
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