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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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The line between Star Trek and Michael Bay's Transformers continues to disappear.
My god man, it's a woman in her underwear. I see more skin down at the lake.

Talk to Gene, he started it. TMP had the Illia probe in the shower (granted we didn't get to see anything) and running around the ship in a short little coat, was the Michael Baying Trek? Star Trek III probably jumpstarted the puberty of many of Trekkie with Valkeris tits. Star Trek V: Three titted cat stripper. TNG era Trek, come on do we even need to list 'em.

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The one thing you choose to complain about is a gorgeous woman in her underwear?

That's hilarious. Well done, sport. I guess we can add virgin to the list.
The boobies! The Boobies! At least he didn't lens flair them.
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