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Re: The AGT Dreadnought Enterprise

But the Galaxy-class?
Not the Galaxy class. Just the Enterprise-D, an individual ship for some reason beyond redemption and for that reason shunted for use as a phaser lance platform.

Although it seems that something big happened to warp drive at this juncture, too - warp 13 is now possible somehow. Quite possibly, all previous starship types were outdated overnight by the propulsion breakthrough, and have no practical frontline use even when equipped with an extra nacelle. It's not as if we would see any Mirandas, Excelsiors or even Nebulas or Sovereigns survive till the "AGT" era. Only a single low-registered and thus probably fairly old (2350s?) hospital ship is seen - capable of speeds similar to the poor old E-D, but not exactly frontline material, either.

Timo Saloniemi
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