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Do you believe that Captain Picard truly died in "Tapestry?" Or did Q intercept him while he still had a tiny speck of life?

This was one of my favorite TNG episodes, but I haven't seen it in years.

First, I think you need to define "dead". If it's when your heart stops, then Zombie Picard is captain of the Enterprise, but I think Carcazoid's mostly dead answer is really the most accurate. He was critically injured, in a coma, but not dead.

Q really liked Picard, for a inferior being. Q could probably have had a sense of Picard at any moment and sensed that he was near death and wanted to see him. Picard treated him humanely when he had lost his powers and he probably developed an affection for Picard. Maybe like a researcher has a favorite rat, or maybe as a friend. Either way as Picard lay near death, Q visited and asked Picard about what he was regretting, Picard thought if he still had his own flesh heart instead of a replacement he wouldn't be dying now and Q allowed him to let go of that false recrimination. So, it may have been a dream to Picard's sense, but I think Q would have found it interesting.

And I think Beverly saved his life, but any competent Starfleet doctor would have been able to do so.
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