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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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now fast forward to the federation utopia and we have a big difference because the people that don't want to work now have access to exactly the same standard of living as me so suddenly i'm looking at all these people having sex all day, drinking replicated champagne, travelling the globe having adventures, doing what ever they want with life and so i'm left wondering....why the fuck am i slogging my guts out all day when not slogging my guts out all day would result in exactly the same standard of living

i just don't see how you can get past that basic problem
Define 'standard of living'. You won't starve to death and you won't end up sleeping on the streets. But will you get invited to parties? Will people come if you invite them? Will anyone have sex with you all day, or will you want to have sex with those who will?

I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to completely slack off. But I can see a host of potential reasons why you wouldn't want to.
So in Trek terms Captain Kirk worked so hard to be Captain so Orions would invite him to parties with green party favors, who were actually in charge . But if he settled for being a Lieutenant he would be in the holodeck having sex with a computer generated Uhura

essentially yes-in a future where basic needs are provided for, social status based around what you do or what you accomplish will take over for wealth as the marker of success.

sure there'll be the few who won't care and will just sit around on a holodeck and eating junk food, but I don't think the consequences of that kind of choice will be very appealing to many.

Also, again, the culture will be different-the importance of "making a contribution to society" will be promoted to people from the time they're children.
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