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I'm stunned, I tell ya! People say that DS9 is too dark. I'm reaching the end of S3 of ENT and I'd say this is pretty darn dark! Archer was this happy, optimistic captain -- and now, he's this bruised, jaded pirate whose single goal is to prevent the destruction of earth at literally any cost. Enterprise (the ship) was this beautiful symbol of hope and it's a total mess and barely flyable. Trip was the class clown, now he's an emotional wreck. T'Pol was a Vulcan who occasionally struggled with logic, now she's a drug & emotion addict with rare hints of sanity. I'm reserving my judgment until I see where they ultimately go with all of this -- but I just couldn't resist commenting at this point. Crazy stuff!

One other minor observation...believe it or not, the theme song was starting to grow on me until they added this acoustic guitar strumming which REALLY makes it all wrong for the show -- especially for S3. For example, Archer and the crew are deflated on their damaged ship, he gives this coldly delivered speech about saving earth for the 18 who have died so far, and then...dink, dinka dink, dinka dink, It's been a long road... BUZZ-KILL!
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