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Re: My Voyager dream

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The only way to make a Vulcan hot is to torture him and Tuvok is just way too healthy to have any of that. He doesn't need mothering, he doesn't need seducing, he doesn't need to be understood.. he's the least dysfunctional Vulcan in Trek. And he's a great character and used very well on VOY for the most part. But I can't tweak him into fun times with the Captain no matter how I look at it.
I can't see him participating in guitar bashing on the bridge either though.

So, in this dream, if the crew is having a good time mosh-pitting and guitar-bashing on the bridge...and it just so happens that it has been 7 years since Tuvok's last Pon Farr...where is the most logical place for the Vulcan to be?

Getting it on in the ready room with Janeway...OR in the mess hall with Neelix?

Haha. Went too far.

Tuvok would be the security guard, keeping the groupies at bay.

He would NOT betray T'Pel for a romp in the mess hall with ( ) Neelix!
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