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Re: Earth ship Valiant

Indeed! Were protein resequencers invented between the Valiant launch and ENT? Or were they only ever introduced to ENT due to the Temporal Cold War, and Captain Tarasco actually had replicators aboard the Valiant but the Borg incursion of ST:FC made those disappear so that Janeway thought they hadn't been invented yet in Kirk's time? When exactly were colored cubes and celery adopted as the haute cuisine of astronaut food?

How many crew did they have to feed anyway? If suspended animation was used, would a stash of Ben&Jerry's in starboard Cryochamber #12 have sufficed? Or did the crew plan to forage on alien worlds?

Possibly it's all a horrible misunderstanding and Tarasco's crew were all mutants from WWIII to start with, some with godlike powers, but all without an appetite for anything but the thorium in the engine department?

Timo Saloniemi
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