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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Aiming For More

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I'm sure folks in 1987 moaned and groaned about TNG being nothing like TOS. Trek needs to reinvent itself every few decades or else it just dies forever.
I was one of the ones who moaned and groaned. I think TNG won people over mostly because it was there, not because it somehow brought something new and vital to ST that TOS didn't have. Not that it wasn't good on occasion, but just not as good as TOS.

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Paramount had an option, do they stick with Berman
Sticking with the prime continuity shouldn't have had to mean sticking with Berman.

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The people complaining about how much the reboot sucks are just collateral damage.
In a cut-throat capitalism way, sure. That seems to be how things are going to go down from here on in, as Hollywood just keeps rebooting a fixed number of franchises ad-nauseum rather than trying something new, and what this does is set up inner-feuds like this within fandom. If Trek had just been allowed to die after Nemesis, at least you wouldn't have these sorts of battles. Instead it's "it makes money therefore it should be celebrated" vs. the purists. These sorts of battles have no resolution because they originate from two totally different value-systems.
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