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It bothers a lot of fans but I love the emphasis on Bajoran politics and religion in the first few seasons. It's horrifically dumbed down in Season 7 in to being a confict between 2d good and evil but I find it really interesting in the beginning of the show. Shame it got phased out in favour of Klingon and Dominion conflicts really.
True. I like both arcs, but I enjoyed the Bajoran/Cardassian era more than the Dominion War era.
I love all the early work done on Bajor, its culture and recovery from the Occupation, as well as their status with the Cardassians. It had to be so, since they are the native species a lot would revolve around them and they had to be a properly realised race.

It bothered me when the Klingons came to the forefront, as I personally see them as a species who have been over-used. I liked the Dominion as an enemy, it was good to see an alien empire with more than just once species shown. The war did have a lot of good stories, battles and trials for the crew. I always find it a pity we never got to see all the hard work that went on afterwards.
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