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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Jefferies work would have been welcomed by fans, even if off-the-record in an unofficial capacity. He could have shown the whole Enterprise as he envisioned it.

Why didn't he?
Technically we'd have to ask him but unfortunately he had passed away. However, I do believe there are good reasons why he didn't:
  • If I recall correctly, Franz Joseph was unemployed at the time while Matt Jefferies was busy in the industry to make a living. As a matter of fact, Jeffries even worked for the TOS production in his spare time on the weekends. I'd say he just didn't have the time.
  • Where and how they wanted to shoot was the director's final decision. Again, I doubt Jefferies would have had the time to collect notes. More likely he would have had to do that at a later time and start from scratch
  • Franz Joseph made it easy on himself by just making the interiors of the Enterprise recognizable but not accurate. To make his deck plans accurate and to distinguish his work from Franz Joseph, Matt Jefferies would have had to compile production stills and re-examine film reels or early 1970's VCR video etc. Again it would have been a time- and cost-intensive research effort, then.
  • And even if he had these means, in trying to make "screen-accurate" deck plans of the Enterprise you constantly find yourself between a rock and a hard place, which I usually describe and illustrate in the "accurate" deck plan project I embarked upon. While something may be accurate it can also look like crap. Trying to resolve this dilemma (this weekend I intend to present the third revised version of the hangar deck) is extremely time-consuming and requires a huge amount of puzzling and trial and error until you arrive at a solution that could be palatable. By avoiding this, Franz Joseph made it very easy for himself.
  • And since Franz Joseph already "stole the thunder" by being the first, one may wonder if a time consuming accurate project would have still made economical sense. Considering the lack of interest in "accurate" TOS Enterprise deck plans (my thread has only three regular Trek BBS visitors, that ask questions and provide much welcome criticism, proposals and other feedback) I think Matt Jefferies was wise not to do that and spare himself the possible frustration that may have come out of it.
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