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Re: The one cool thing about the Pope selection process

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Ridiculous, humans can only experience moments and don't store them well, our brains don't work like that, it's great to have a way to experience it other than our inadequate storage capabilities and what's better, to share it in real time. Obviously you can experience an event and record it concurrently, to think otherwise is pure silliness.

Read farmkid's post. Being stuck behind a camera worrying about how good a recording you're getting can definitely take you out of the experience.
Exactly. While I like taking pictures when I travel, I try not to get too obsessive about it, because you end up realizing you didn't actually experience anything, you just took pictures the whole time, and now those pictures are all you have, rather than actual memories.

I even find that a visual reminder of something is less effective than, say, remembering how something felt or smelled, or how I felt at the time. Visual records are nice to have, but I find they are often emotionally hollow, if you were too focused on getting a good picture to pay attention to what was going on around you.
Besides, the camera is always limited by what is in the frame and that is never the full picture of any event. Those who were there may recall things through seeing the images and videos later, but those who were not will always be limited by that frame, and at the mercy of how it is edited.
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