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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

So long ago... Wendall Vaghn went to the New Universe and came back with the Starbrand from there... It slowly ran out of juice, but he kept the tattoo which was the brand, which seemed to be transferable and mobile... Wendall is alive and point bastard tot he Annihilators who are exactly the sort of people that should be lookinginto this white event especial is Wendal is familiar with the... My question really is, if Wendal was on Earth, or ison Earth... Would that have halve the star Brand and if push comes to shove can he use his star brand to drain this new kids Starbrand?

Good lord, what's next? Kickers inc and Spitfire didn't make any sense.

Paranormals vs. Mutants?

Will the hate groups be able to see the difference?
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