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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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I hope it's Section 31. I love Section 31 (kind wish they'd get their own Spin-off show/Film).

Also, something just occurred to me. Could Alice Eve be working with Benedict. In the scene where He is beating the living crap out of Chris, it looks like she's really conflicted.

Maybe Admiral Marcus is actually working with Harrison and has got Carol onto the enterprise to spy on Kirk and the crew going after Harrison (and if Section 31 is involved than all 3 of them could be in it with Marcus being it's head).
OR..............Capt. April could have been leading a proxy war (as in the Countdown To Darkness comics) for Section 31 under the command of Marcus and was eventually killed and since Harrison worked for April, he takes his revenge out on Starfleet's top brass.
Maybe, honestly, as long as its more complex than April was his father and he wants revenge I'm good.

I'd actually really be happy with the idea that his just a guy taking what he believes to be a Moral Stance against some kind of injustice and has no links to the incidents in Countdown into Darkness (which I should read. Is it worth reading?).

Although I really think she looks conflicted in that scene (maybe she's working against her father with Harrison or something).

Also, Carol in her underwear scene (still yum, btw). I bet that's her and Kirk getting into/out of the space jump suits. I think she may be the second person jumping with Kirk to the other space ship which is Harrisons.
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