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Re: How could Archers Racism have been better handled

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I never saw Archer as racist. By the Earth POV, the Vulcans had been helpful at recovering from war. There might have been a US-Europe dynamic post WWII...but Europe grew resentful of the US's help in the long run, while the US always felt they owed us long term gratitude. What's more, as the Earth became more advanced in Archer's time, it became clear that the Vulcan's had in fact tried to keep us from advancing "too quickly" for a relatively new interstellar species. Thus there was a resentment from many of those trying to expand the frontiers of human exploration. Far from racism, there was a direct reason for the resentment in their eyes, while they acknowledged that Vulcan help was still necessary..

Imagine if the US Army Engineering Corps marched through Europe in 1946 (Russia built the first nuclear power plant in 1954.)building Nuclear power stations for every country that agreed to be Uncle Sam's bitch?
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