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Re: The original plan for Countdown

Thrawn wrote: View Post
But that's a fundamental difference between gaming and books in the first place, not a symptom of varying levels of quality with Trek in particular.
I wasn't saying anything about gaming and "levels of quality". To this ST reader, the Pocket novels have had longevity, while to this non gamer, the ST gaming phenomenon seems more like a series of little passing fads.

I was attempting to answer this, IIRC:

rfmcdpei wrote: View Post
Star Trek Online is easily the biggest new development in Trek apart from the Abrams movie. Criticizing it as doomed to fail (based on what evidence?)...
And my thoughts were simply what came to mind at the time.

To me, each ST gaming platform seems to have had a rather short shelf life.

Paris wrote: View Post
Patrick Stewart was always planning on coming back. Please correct me if i'm mistaken..
I'm sure he was planning to return, but his agent really did fight for some contractual changes at the time. Changes that Stewart got that others didn't.
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