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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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It is a ways until June. However we should get at least the first half of episode 15 by early April.

Plus I am curious what the reaction will be to this series once it get on TV. There are few if any reviewers on the Youtube anime watcher scene that seem to be paying it any attention at all (aside from maybe a mention that it is showing in the Spring season). As we get closer I start seeing a few more people looking forward to it, or are at least curious due to some of the word put out by those watching the BD releases. That is assuming they haven't been watching online and just haven't reviewed it openly...or perhaps it isn't their cup of tea? I know of a few sites that were in the wait for it to be on TV mode last year, and at least one that watched the first episode last April (as it was online free as a preview) and said "too old, don't care". Or too 70s or something like that.
Don't know to much about that, but I do know that at two sites that are showing the eps that have been uploaded, the ratings are at about 4.5 stars with several votes for the series. Also, the views have been very high too. Actual comments on the series not that many. Of course I do not know who uploaded it to one site, but it seems three eps (5, 13, and 14) the sub-titles got screwed up somehow for about 5-10 mins. The other site the sub-titles were ok. Also, it seems that someone did like a fan sub for it but it still had the regular sub-titles as well that came with it. Its kind of annoying when you see the same ep title at the end in two different fonts and in different places on the screen. lol...

As for the people that knock it before they try it (even if they did watch it) do not know what they are missing. Of course, if they only know of Marcross, or Gundam, then there might be an issue since those two particular series have been around since the late 70's early 80's with the various incarnations. While Space battleship Yamato was only around for 10 yrs at most when the last movie was made back then until a few yrs ago. So there are fans of anime sci-fi that may think what you said. Of course the music has been updated to Heisei era from Showa era. I learned about that when I was looking at some updated Godzilla, and Mothra Music and learned about it. As well as adding some new music to the mix makes it feel more modern and new. I guess there are people that are just fickle I guess!?

Edit: At one of the sites, each ep with the exception of ep 13 has over 1,000 views. Ep 11 currently has almost 9,000 views. Of course the actual view count is skewed due to the fact that they also put the placement of the next eps up and already ep 15 has over a 1,000 views.

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