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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Why? It's nice to see stupid getting what it deserves. At least until the cliffhanger is resolved with her being rescued at the last minute. Sigh.
Or, maybe they will rip the finale of The Bride of Frankenstein, where the Monster destroys himself, along with Pretorius. I can see it now: Andrea and the governor wrestle with a grenade as a slab falls on both; Andrea grabs the grenade, pulls the pin, and in a Karloff tone growls, "we belong dead!" With that, two annoying characters get the boot as season three comes to a close.
Hmm.. okay but replace Andrea with Milton. Andrea can still have the slab fall on her only nobody shoots her in the head so she's a zombie; a burned zombie pinned under the slab when Rick happens upon her. She reaches for him and he thinks he hears her call, "Rick!" He stumbles outside and the cast ask him if he's okay, but wordlessly they all drive off into Season Four.
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