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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I really don't think she (Or anyone really) deserves to be sadistically tortured just for being a somewhat pompous idiot, who's never done a smart thing since the 1st minute we saw her, but it's hard to argue that she hasn't set herself up to end up right where she is

Andrea being stupid should have gotten her finished off Otis style long ago. He was a decent guy who because of stupidly shooting Carl, ended up paying with his life, trying to fix his dumb luck accident. Andrea's done way dumber shit by the ton, but that doesn't mean I'd think she deserves to get needles & surgical instruments jammed up her cooter. That's just sick for people to believe she deserves that.

The sickest thing the Governor has done by far, was the most subtle, when he was setting up the table of torture tools, & he gently caressed the steel vaginal speculum, that twisted fucker. Nobody on that show, except Philip himself deserves that level of sadistic torment. I wouldn't even wish that shit on Merle, after all the fucked up shit he's done.
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